Create Your Own Picnic

Pick Your Package 
Snack Pack:
- 1 appetizer
​-Reservation Sign

Enchanting Dinner:
-1 entree (enough for 2),
drinks, 2 appetizers, dessert
-Blanket, Theme
-Game, Location
-Reservation sign

Family Frun Pack:
-2 pizzas, cookies, drinks
-Blanket, theme
-Reservation sign

​Hopeless Romantic:
-2 entrees, 1 appetizer, dessert, 
-Blanket, theme, game
-Reservation sign
Lunch Date:
-2 entrees 
-Theme, Game, Location
​-Reservation Sign
Lunch with Paws:
-1 entree 1 appetizer
-Reservation Sign
Please note that when choosing entrees, they must be from the same catering company

Picnic Blanket:
Choose which picnic blanket you would like to compliment your picnic
Theme, Location & Games:
​Choose the perfect theme, location and games for your perfect night
-Fort Myers Beach
-Bonita Beach (recommended)
-Estero Community Park
-Three Oaks Park
-A Night/Day in Paris
-Beach theme

Reservation Signs:
Choose your choice of reservation
Reservation will be written on a chalk board

Customize your message 

Example:               Mr. and Mrs. Smith
                               Happy Anniversary!

Choose from our delicious, yet simple menu

   -Cocktail setups (Lime,
Lemon, Juice, etc)
-Vegetables and ranch 
-Chips & salsa
-Pita chips & hummus
-Cheese, crackers & grapes

Lunch Menu​​​:
-Publix sushi 
-6" Inch Publix subs
​-Tropical Smoothie- King Caesar wrap, Ultimate club sandwich

Main Course: (Catered)
Carrabba's- Fettuccini Alfredo, Spaghetti, or Mezzaluna (with choice
of soup or caesar salad)
Publix- sushi or publix 6" subs
Jet's pizza- (cheese, pepperoni or margherita)
Tropical Smoothie-King Caesar Chicken wrap, Ultimate club sandwich
Kids Menu:
-Mac n Cheese
-Lunchable ​
-Carrabba's chicken Fingers

-Pudding cup (vanilla or chocolate)
-Cookie (chocolate chip)
-Original Cheesecake slice 
-Key Lime Pie Slice
​-Chocolate chip cookies (2)
-Apple pie, Pecan pie, blueberry pie

Add any additional wants/needs you might have to make your picnic that much better
$5 Additions:
-Additional dessert
​-Beach umbrella

$10 Additions:​​
​-Rose petals
-Additional string lighting
​-Additional appetizer
-Message in a bottle
 15$ Additions               $25 Additions:
 -Additional entree     -Digital Photo Package

Tips are appreciated!!

When booking, please list what you have chosen in the package and reservations detail box. Also, let us know if there are any food allergies.